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Over the past few months, I have started doing a lot of monograms for clients that plan to use the monogram on their own. The request have ranged from brides that are doing a diy wedding and want the monogram to use throughout to grandmothers wanted monograms for their beautiful grandchildren. I love meeting people from all over the country through my monograms. Since the monogram is such a hands-on process, I feel like I really get to know each of my clients; their style, their visions and their crafting abilities. Below are four new monograms that have been lovingly designed over the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy!

Designed for a grandmother who was giving them to her granddaughters (or their moms)

Designed for a bride that wanted a classic monogram with a little extra flair. 

Designed for a Southern bride that wants to use her monogram everywhere! I was also able to work with the lovely mother-of-the-bride on this one.

Catherine is actually the little sister of my little brother’s best friend (long winded way of saying “we grew up together”). I was thrilled when she contacted me about designing her wedding invitations. Catherine’s fiance, now husband, returned from his deployment right before the wedding. Needless to say, Catherine wanted to have elements in the invitation that honored Derek’s service, but also wanted an elegant, modern and simple invitation. We incorporated the colors of Derek’s formal blue uniform (which he would wear at the ceremony) into the invitation by using navy and gold letterpress on a thick cotton paper. The off-center alignment of the invitation gives it a slight contemporary flair, and allows Catherine and Derek’s custom monogram to become the hero.

This was the second military wedding I helped design invitations for this summer. I have so much respect for both of the couples I worked with. They have such a strong bond of love, patience and understanding. It is such an honor to be a small part of their wedding. I hope you enjoy.

Courtney and Chad are a wonderful, fun-loving, energetic couple from Chicago who got married in an elegant and modern ceremony in the “one-and-only” Las Vegas. They wanted their wedding invitations to encompass them as a couple, as well as set the tone for their destination wedding. This suite needed to be elegant and modern enough for their stunning pool-side wedding, but also whimsical and playful to fit the Vegas destination. In the end we printed the custom invitations that included the actual lace from Courtney’s dress with gold ink on white gold paper (talk about sparkle). The suite included a response postcard and wrap around labels to pull everything together. Courtney was a blast to work with, and from the few wedding pictures I have seen her wedding was equally amazing! Enjoy!

Bahia, the owner of On the Purple Couch, came to me awhile ago looking for a website and branding for her new consignment store in the DC area. I was instantly sold on her vision for the store. She wanted to create an experience for everyone that walked through the doors. The Purple Couch represents the state of mind when we are relaxed and content. It is much more than a consignment store. It blends fashion, home and the creative drive that everyone has.

Since I was so excited about the overall concept, it was easy to create a modern, relaxed and feminine look for the store. Bahia and I worked together for a few months perfecting the cohesive branding, design and collateral that included signage, paint, mailings, tags, bags, etc. And, right before the grand opening events, the simple, elegant and functional website (that Tony from Evenpar Solutions developed) was live. I am thrilled to show you the website design for On the Purple Couch. I hope you enjoy.

I am so excited to share the newest design/development project between Tony, from Evenpar Solutions, and Chena Design. Last week, we launched the redesign of Shaunna West’s Perfectly Imperfect blog. Not only am I happy with the organic, sketchy and airy design aesthetic; I feel lucky that I was able to work with such an incredible, inspirational, and charismatic entrepreneur and blogger. Shaunna had a strong vision for her new site, but also allowed the creative process to grow and evolve as we worked together. All in all, I am thrilled at the launch of this new site and cannot wait to share other new things in the works with Shaunna’s site (more on that later).

I hope you enjoy and find new reading pleasure in Perfectly Imperfect!