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When I was in NYC in March of 2006 I was fortunate to see Andrea Zittel’s Critical Space exhibition at the New Museum of Art. I didn’t realize it then, but her work would become an inspiration to how I look at both the world and my work, especially my thesis. I am conintuously amazed by her uniforms – how she makes and then lives in each garment, and how she wears them over and over, breaking boundries of how others perceive dress. Zittel’s A to Z Uniforms inspire me…
Can I limit my wardrobe into a purposeful set?
How will others look at my clothing?
Why do we feel the need to fall into a conventionaly style or fashion?

Tailored is graphic design experiment which explores clothing as communication. It tells the story of my life through my body and the “designed” skirts I wear. Clothing is a visual representation of who we all are and what we do. Through Tailored I am pushing the boundaries of how people read what I wear. I have designed and made skirts that explicitly define (through words, fabric and image) the six compartments of my life: work, play, learn, celebrate, leisure and rest. By wearing the skirts repeatedly I am creating visual experiences for myself and those around me. These skirts spark conversation and speak visually. Tailored is a personal investigation of how clothing markets and communicates myself to others.

The final semester of my graduate studies has begun. My thesis work is well on its way, and I am finally getting a blog up and running…

Through this blog you will see my inspirations, ideas and work in progress. Please contribute your thoughts and ideas.

Introducing Tailored.