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When Ashley came to me about designing wedding invitations she had visions of something elegant, formal and modern with a touch of vibrant color. We worked together to develop an invitation suite that was perfectly her. It all started with a custom monogram and charcoal gray letterpress. Those decisions were easy, but trying to figure out how to add in a pop of color without taking away from the formality of the invitations and the wedding proved a little more difficult. In the end, we added hints of a beautiful, contemporary spring green through a belly band, edge painting (seen above) and a custom envelope liner. It was just enough color to keep it fresh! Hope you enjoy and Congrats to Ashley and Terrence on their recent wedding!

You may remember Annie and Marc’s winter wedding invitations from the end of last year. After the wedding festivities died down and the new year began, they came to me to design a cute, simple and modern holiday card. The picture of the newly weds (and their pup) is precious so the card didn’t need much more than a cute message. We kept everything minimal and established a strong blue and black color palette. The blue envelopes and the address labels are the icing on the cake. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to work with this amazing couple again in the future!


Historically, the first monograms consisted on one decorative letter usually an initial. Today we think of monograms as consisting of multiple intertwining, decorative letters that normally stand for your first, middle and last names.

Over the holidays, I wanted to offer a more affordable custom monogram option for a few friends (and myself) to give as gifts to loved ones. The single letters where a lot of fun to draw because I could really focus on the form of the letter and add in decorative flourishes to fit the personalities of the recipients. In the end, the monograms were printed in an eggplant purple with thermography for personal stationery.

I found these incredible letters (the top one is drawn by Joshua Bullock and the bottom was vectorized by him) today while snooping on the internet. They are absolutely breathtaking. I especially like the intertwined letters on the bottom design (originally by Erin Potter). Is it an R, a P or a B? Maybe it is all of them? Beautiful!!! Thanks for the daily inspiration dribble.

 Lately I have had a lot of requests for classic, elegant and traditional invitations that feature a custom monogram as a focal point. As most of you know, I absolutely adore drawing and designing custom monograms, and when they become the “hero” of a wedding suite I am thrilled! Below are two recent monograms in my classic style that were printed with thermography and used throughout the couple’s invitation suite, thank you stationery and “day-of” paper. I hope you enjoy!

Elizabeth and Jeff’s classic monogram is printed in Peacock Blue, and is being used as the main visual “logo” for their Michigan Winery Wedding!

Kimberly and Danny’s classic three letter monogram is printed in military navy since Danny is a captain in the United States Army. A military wedding on the weekend after July 4th seems pretty ideal if you ask me.