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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Chena?
Lindsay at Chena really wants each couple (or individual) to have a completely custom experience. She gets to know who you are and what you want, and incorporates that unique vision into your tailored monogram and/or stationery. Planning your BIG DAY should be a ton of fun, not stressful as it sometimes becomes. Lindsay is here to guide you through the design journey so you can enjoy every second of it. 

How do we get started? 
Email me at to let me know you are interested. From there, I will ask you a few important questions, and then we can set up a time to chat via phone, email or in person (if you are in the Chicago area).

How long does the custom design process take? 
Since everything at Chena Design is currently custom, the design process can take a bit of time. While time varies a bit for each project, I recommend giving yourself 3-4 weeks for tailored monograms, and a 6-8 week minimum for wedding stationery. The more time we have the more we can explore, create and perfect. Due to the detail that goes into printing each piece, we should also allow for 2-3 weeks once we send to press.

What paper does Chena print with?
While Chena can print on any paper your heart desires, we recommend using 100% cotton Crane’s Lettra for letterpress and foil, and Classic Crest for thermography and digital printing. You can choose between white, pearl and ecru. Double thick paper is also available upon request. These are some of the highest quality papers on the market – and everyone deserves the best for their special occasion.

How does Chena accept payments? 
Chena accepts payments with a credit card through paypal as well as personal checks. A 50% deposit is required before we begin the design process and the final payment is due for stationery when we send items to print, and for monograms before I send you final files.

How much with shipping cost? 
Because shipping prices vary depending on the weight of your order and your location, Lindsay can not estimate exact shipping prices. She charges exactly what it costs to package and ship your items, with no additional fees (normally between $20-$50). We typically use UPS as we completely trust the store down the street, but can ship FedEx if you prefer. UPS normally charges an additional $5-$10 for packaging your stationery. Chena adds full insurance to all packages in case of loss or damage. Packages normally arrive within 2-7 days depending on location within the US. Clients living within the Chicago area can also pick up their stationery directly from me. Expedited shipping is always available!

How about Sales Tax?
All items shipped to or picked up in Illinois will have sales tax (9.25% is the current rate in Chicago).

Can you refund or exchange and order? 
Unfortunately due to the custom nature of our products, Chena cannot refund your work. Once you sign the contract and your stationery goes to print, you are responsible for full payment. If we have to reprint anything you will be responsible for the new printing cost.

Where does the name Chena come from?
Funny you should ask…
Lindsay’s maiden name was Chenault, and somewhere in her childhood a friend shortened it to Chena. Friends called her that through college, so it seemed fitting to keep it going when she started her business.