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The Different Styles of Printing

At Chena Design we offer a variety of printing styles and techniques. All the options can get a little confusing so I tried to give a brief summary of each along with the timing required for each below:

Letterpress printing  is the original style of printing, perfected by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. It is a form of relief printing where your images is pressed into the paper. It is a very tactile style of printing and works best on soft cotton papers. Over the past decade, letterpress has become very popular again because of its luscious and tactile qualities. Because it is a traditional form of printing that requires printing plates additional colors will add cost. Letterpress printing takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Foil stamping is a stunning printing process, and is the only way to achieve the look of true metallics such as gold, copper and silver. Just like letterpress, foil stamping uses plates and pressure from a traditional printing press to create the impression. However, instead of ink, heat is applied to foil film. Foils come in a variety of metallic finishes and matte colors. It is the best printing method to get light colors on dark papers. It can be used on a variety of papers, and can also be combined with letterpress and offset printing. Foil requires a separate printing plate for each color. Foil stamping takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Thermography is another beautiful printing process that uses heat and colored powder to create a raised impression. It is a modern printing method that mimics the feel of engraving at a more affordable price. Thermography has a slightly shiny appearance. It works best with firmer papers, and will work on 100% cotton stocks. Additional colors will increase cost. Thermography takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Offset printing is a traditional form of flat printing. It works well with foil stamping, letterpress and thermography, as well as, on its own. It can be done on any type of paper, but does require a printing plate for each color. Offset printing takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Digital printing is the most modern form of printing and the most affordable. Similar to offset it provides a flat effect. Unlike the other processes, digital printing can accommodate multiple ink colors for no additional cost. It must be used on a firmer paper up. Digital printing only takes about 7-10 days to complete.